Corporation Danfoss creates technologies, which are enabling the world of tomorrow to achieve more with less. The company is satisfying all big needs for infrastructure, food supply, sustainable energy efficiency and nature-friendly solutions. Their products and services are used in fields of heating, cooling, climatization, engine regulation and field mechanization. The company is also working on renewable energy sources and infrastructure for remotely manageable heating and cooling in cities and urban communities. The group is a supplier of technologies divided into 4 business segments: Danfoss Power Solutions, Danfoss Cooling, Danfoss Drives and Danfoss Heating. Danfoss Power Solutions is a leading player in the field of hydraulical system and components for managing field mechanization. Danfoss Cooling is a leader on the climatization and cooling market. Danfoss Drives is an expert for low-intensity frequency transformers and electric modules which are supplied for many industries. Danfoss Heating is one of the leading suppliers in the field of heating of housing and industrial companies and remotely manageable heating and cooling. Danfoss is a private corporation which has been developing and growing for more than 80 years and is an expert in the field of sustainable energy solutions. The founder of Danfoss is Mads Clausen, nowadays the company is led by Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation. Their business model exploits 4 global trends of growing: infrastructure, food, energy and clime. Those trends are an opportunity for Danfoss to grow in the future and are the fields for suitable global development.

Danfoss Trata Slovenija is a world-leading supplier of energy-efficient solutions in remotely manageable heating and cooling systems of buildings. The product portfolio of the company covers products for regulation and hydraulic balancing of remote heating and cooling systems, products for regulation and hydraulic balancing of heating and cooling systems in buildings and heat exchangers.

Danfoss is creating the future of engineering. By connecting knowledge, creativity and endeavour of our employees, we are maintaining the excellence of the workplace at Danfoss. Today and in the future. We are striving for better organization with characteristics of cooperation, flexibility and adaptability, where all employees are important, where the leaders inspire employees to achieve better results. We design our work and acknowledge the contribution of every single employee and team for personal and professional development of employees and development of the company. Corporation connects different departments, business segments and countries. The company believes in Danfoss as a world-leading corporation in the field of managing with human resources. This enables the company to accelerate growth in a very successful and eager organisation, in which they create their work for the future.

Interesting facts about the company:
*Almost 27.000 employees
*Top 3 markets: USA, China and Germany
*Selling in more than 100 countries
*Over 72 factories in more than 20 countries
*Seat of the company: Denmark, city of Nordborg
*Family company – led by Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation


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