Want to experience one of the biggest case-solving competitions in Slovenia? Business Hive 2020 will take place from 6th to 8th of November 2020 and will be organized ONLINE. 
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Collaborate with your teammates

Want to experience one of the biggest case-solving competitions in Slovenia?

Each winning team will receive a cash prize of 1000 € in addition to recommendation letter from a company.

Gain invaluable experience

Are you eager to improve your CV with invaluable practical experience?

All participants will receive Certificates of participation, members of winning teams will also be awarded with Reference letters from the Case companies.

 Seek solutions for top employers

Wish to put your ideas into practice and impress top Slovenian companies?

You will ba able to show your skills and creative mindset - and like many past participants maybe even find your future employer.

Aren't you convinced yet?

Check what previous participants had to say about Business Hive
  • Anže Duša

    “Business Hive has overall been an incredible experience. It doesn’t happen very often that you get a chance to actively work on a real-life project with the members of your team. It’s a great opportunity to try your cooperation skills, “out of the box” thinking capabilities and your focus. You get a nice view on how good or poor cooperation and communication reflects in the final result and you get a chance to peak out of your comfort zone by presenting your project solutions at the end. Another good side of Business Hive is that you might make your first contact with your potential employers which can sometimes be hard for some students. But most important part... It’s fun! Guaranteed...”
  • Lara Jenko

    "Business Hive offered all the participant a great insight into the real-life challenges of well know companies. Not only we were able to apply our theoretical knowledge to find possible and realistic solutions, we also had an opportunity to work in a group with diverse people and gain more teamwork skills! We all know how important are these days solid teamwork skills! Not to mention we had a lot of fun! Busines Hive is really done professionally my compliments goes also to the Management Group. Was my pleasure to be part of this educational event!"
  • Gašper Pfajfar

    For me, Business Hive was one of the best experiences throughout my study time. I really enjoyed solving problems with my friends in such a short time and then actually presenting the solutions in front of company representatives. I have also met a lot of new friends, with whom I am still in touch. As a whole, I think that Business Hive is an awesome experience for all the students, who want to see, how good they can be in solving real life problems and meeting new colleagues , while having a really fun time with other activities which are provided from the excellent Business Hive team.
  • Peter Šranc

    "I met with the Business Hive heckathlon in my first year of college and it seemed like a really good challenge to make the year more challenging. At Business Hive, I was really surprised by the organization and how the Management Group was able to prove that they could organize a really top event. We did not lack food, we had more support, only we had a little sleep. Otherwise, we didn't win, but when it comes to a little sleep, we need to take the chance to succeed. Bravo !! 100% I'll also come next year."
  • Matjaž Mavri Boncelj

     "Business Hive is much more than just a competition where you compete for cash prizes. For each individual participant, attending the event opens up employment opportunities for participating companies, expands the network of acquaintances, and encourages a self-initiative, successful teamwork and innovative approach. In addition, it enhances your communication and presentation skills in both Slovenian and English. The organization caters to all participants nicely, and I don't think there has been a case of running out of food or drink. Each participant also receives a bag of symbolic gifts upon check-in. Business Hive is a great competition with a lot of added value and I don't think you'll regret to you attend it."


Want to experience one of the biggest case-solving competitions in Slovenia? 

Business Hive is an international case-solving competition, welcoming students from different countries and educational backgrounds. Economists, engineers, mathematicians, IT developers, designers, creative minds and out-of-the box thinkers join their strengths in order to solve a real-life business challenge in less than 72 hours.
This unique competition aims to give companies innovative ideas and as well as connect them with ambitious students eager to gain experience. Come along and dare to become a part of this year’s special 10th edition

Collaborate with your team and win 1000 €

Invaluable experience and
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